Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the folks out there who would benefit from the full RTMFP Groups functionality provided in FMS 4 but who balk at the up-front server licensing fees, there's a new path to potential fame and fortune:

  1. Grab the developer addition of the FMS 4 server (get the trial) and a client-side dev tool of your choice, with my strong recommendation being Flash Builder.
  2. Develop your world-changing P2P application.
  3. Deploy your server-side logic to an FMS 4 instance(s) on AWS:
Also, Jozsef has a great new(ish) article up that discusses strategies for fall-back to handle the situation where clients who wish to establish a direct P2P link may fail to due to poorly behaving NATs or firewalls. FMS on AWS will happily support both RTMFP and RTMP/T/S/E clients and is a great place to put Jozsef's strategies into practice!